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TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery: A Simple, Secure, and Efficient Way

by Enrich Coleman

The data stored in your iPhone is your valuable asset; you cannot afford to lose your documents, contacts, photos, messages, notes, or reminders. While everyone wishes and tries to keep their data safe, there is always a risk of losing it permanently. TunesKit iPhone data recovery for Windows can turn the permanent loss into a temporary one.

It is a smart recovery system to retrieve almost all missing, lost, or deleted data files from your iPhone or iPad. With three data recovery modes, TunesKit can recover data from iOS devices, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. Named amongst the fastest data recovery softwares, it takes just about three simple, secure, and efficient steps.

TunesKit offers a variety of recovery softwares, and this particular iteration is specifically for Windows users. The software specs include full-compatibility with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and an iOS device running iOS 12, 13, or later. In our earlier post, we reviewed TunesKit iOS recovery system for Windows and Mac and found it to be quite useful, which inspired us to explore more products.

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery For Windows – A sure-shot way for iOS data recovery

Before we move ahead, it is essential to note that TunesKit offers a vast range of data recovery, including:

  • Photos and videos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photos & Videos from other Apps.
  • Messages & Call Log from SMS, iMessages, Message Attachments, Contacts, Call History, Voice Mail, WhatsApp/Viber/Kik Messages & Attachments.
  • Memos & Others data files from Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Voice Memos.

Three Data Recovery Methods

TunesKit understands that the data loss can be due to various reasons – iOS upgrade failure, deleted by mistake, password locked, screen broken, device lost, or factory reset. They have also considered that you might have an iTunes/iCloud backup or no backup at all.

After understanding and exploring all these scenarios, the software has incorporated three recovery modes to ensure your data recovery under any circumstances.

#1. Retrieve lost files from iPhone: To be used when the device is booting normally or no backup is made to iTunes or iCloud. It is best for scenarios such as accidental deletion, broken screen, or password locked.

#2. Retrieve lost files from iTunes: Use this option when the device is not bootable and if you have iTunes backup. Suitable scenarios include device lost, factory reset, virus attack, or software issues.

#3. Retrieve lost files from iCloud: If the device cannot boot normally or iCloud has a recent backup. It shares similar scenarios as iTunes retrieval.

The Three Simple, Secure and Efficient steps

Note: Before recovery, you need to ensure that your Windows computer has the latest version of iTunes. However, the application shouldn’t be working in the background. So, turn off auto-sync and then proceed.

Step #1. Connect the iOS device: Use the original cable to connect the device with PC. Now select the recovery method from the menu, whether iOS, iTunes, or iCloud. Log in to iTunes/iCloud account if recovering from these methods.

Step #2. Scan and preview/extract: Select the file type or the folder and tap on the ‘Scan’ button.

Allow it a few minutes to look for all deleted or backed up files.

Step #3. Select and Recover: Select the content you want to rescue, and click on Recover to get the data back.

See, it just takes three simple steps to rescue your lost or deleted data. Though the timing for the same may vary as per the data in your device or drives.

Salient Features 

Initially, I became intrigued by the software for incorporating different recovery methods and easy process. After exploring more features of the software, I was much impressed by TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery For Windows.

  • No Overwriting – A common issue while retrieving files, though the software promises 100% safe retrieval as recovered data won’t overwrite the existing files after recovery.
  • Smart Recovery – During data recovery, it not all or nothing. TunesKit lets you preview lost data, select and retrieve only the files that are required.
  • Recover encrypted backups – We encrypt a file to safeguard its data, but during data recovery that encryption can be our foe. Although, TunesKit ensures that’s not the case.
  • Simple UI – My most loved feature of the app. Easy interface allows users to recover their data without any hassle.
  • Free lifetime update – Well, the second most loved feature!! You don’t have to buy upgrades, and this one time cost sorts you for life. The TunesKit ensures it is frequently updated to support every new iOS and Windows.


  • Single License – $49.95, 1 iDevice/Lifetime
  • Family License – $69.95, 2-5 iDevices/Lifetime
  • Unlimited License – Unlimited iDevices/Lifetime

Signing Off…

Data recovery is a very sensitive process, both in terms of privacy and data loss. This is why you must entrust your device in the right hands(softwares) only. TunesKit has been proven to be a reliable option for me. It is easy to use, intuitive, and does perform well with my devices.

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